Get status of export by export id

Get export status from your export id.

If export id is valid object with given fields is returned:

  • id: export id. It is created combining App id form apps, which are exported. So if another export is created for same apps - this record is overwritten.
  • step: Step of export process. One of:"exporting", "packing", "validating_files", "sending", "importing"
  • status: Status of this export step(one of those values):
  • progress: Value (0-100). If export is in exporting step, it shows how many % of documents are exported. (Based on count not size)
  • ts: Timestamp of last update
  • reason: If export is failed, there is error message.
  • created:Timestamp, when export process is started
  • stopped:If export process is stopped (via api on pressing button in dashboard)- true, else - false.
  • only_export: True or false. true: data is only exported and not set to any other server false: exported data should be sent to other server.
  • server_address: Server address, where export should be sent to.
  • server_token:Token created on target server, to allow import
  • redirect_traffic: True or false.Redirect traffic after data is exported on other server.
  • aditional_files: True or false. If true - symbolication files are also exported
  • apps: Array of app id's which are being exported
  • app_names: Array of app_names for apps, which are exported
  • userid:User, who is exporting data
  • email:User's email(user, who is exporting data)
  • log: Log name for this export. All logs are saved in countly/logs folder.
  • export_path: Place, where your export is saved. If not different path is set it is in form:
    {Countly path}/plugins/data_migration/export/{export_id}.tar.gz