Update an existing group

New group's data is provided in args parameter as stringified JSON. Key-value pairs in this JSON object is as follows:

_idyesyesGroup's DB id. Shown as GROUP_ID in endpoints results above.
nameyesStringName of the group
groupIDyesStringID of group. Typically name of group lowercased and special chars removed. Example:
name: "Junior Developers (test)"
groupID: "junior-developers-test"
global_adminyesBooleanIf group users are given global admin privileges.
admin_ofnoArray[String]Array of app ids where group users are given admin privileges.
user_ofnoArray[String]Array of app ids where group users are given user privileges.
usersnoArray[String]Array of user ids to add to the group

Here is an example of args object:

  "_id": "GROUP_ID",
  "name": "tester",
  "groupID": "tester",
  "global_admin": false,
  "user_of": [
    "58650a47cc2ed563c5ad964c"  // APP ID
  "users": [
    "5d4290788c5581156db06f7f"  // USER ID