Reset all app data and events

Reset all app data (sessions, events, metrics, etc) with provided app id from args parameter's app_id property. Parameter period controls which data will be deleter.
args parameter should be passed as stringified JSON

Example args content: {"app_id":"542bad58b3bced1a67000003", "period":"all"}

If period parameter is all, then data for all periods will be deleted.
If period parameter is reset, then not only all data will be deleted, but also all app configuration will be reset. Like deletes all created campaigns, bookmarked drill queries, etc.

Other period parameter values indicate the period for which app data should be preserved and older data deleted:

  • 1month - delete data older than 1 month
  • 3month - delete data older than 3 month
  • 6month - delete data older thanb6 month
  • 1year - delete data older than 1 year
  • 2year -delete data older than 2 years