Update user

Update user's information from values provided in args parameter as stringified JSON

The value that can be included in args are:

'user_id': { 'required': true, 'type': 'String' }, //ID of user to update

'full_name': { 'required': false, 'type': 'String' }, //new full name

'username': { 'required': false, 'type': 'String' }, //new username

'password': { 'required': false, 'type': 'String' }, //new password

'email': { 'required': false, 'type': 'String' }, //new email

'admin_of': { 'required': false, 'type': 'Array' }, //list of apps to make admin of

'user_of': { 'required': false, 'type': 'Array' }, //list of apps is user of

'global_admin': { 'required': false, 'type': 'Boolean' }, //should be global admin

'send_notification': { 'required': false, 'type': 'Boolean' } //send email notification about changes