Update data for specific campaign

Creates new campaign from values provided in args parameter as stringified JSON

The value that can be included in args are:

'_id': { 'required': true, 'type': 'String' },// _id for campaign to modify

'name': { 'required': true, 'type': 'String' },// name of the campaign

'link': { 'required': true, 'type': 'String' },// default redirect link

'cost': { 'required': false, 'type': 'String' }, //cost of the campaign

'costtype': { 'required': false, 'type': 'String' },// costtype click, install or campaign

'fingerprint': { 'required': false, 'type': 'Boolean' } // set if use digital fingerprint(If set to false, attribution is made only based on IP address which might result in more false attribution)

'links': { 'required': false, 'type': 'Array' },// links for other platforms as android, ios, windows-phone, windows mac and linux

'postbacks': { 'required': false, 'type': 'Array' }, //list of postback urls with placeholders

'type': { 'required': false, 'type': 'String'} //campaign type. More about types can be found here If not set - is set to 'default'.

'typedata': { 'required': false, 'type': 'Object' } Useful for server to server attribution